Indieclassical: is that a thing / panel discussion (credits Tallinn Music Week)

Indie what?

First things first. Nobody agrees about the terminology. Some call it neo-classical, alt-classical, post-classical or even post-genre music.

I’ve chosen to go with indieclassical and I’m sure in future an intelligent musicologist, marketeer or historian will give it a name that works. In fact, I really don’t like thinking in genres anyway, just as much as I dislike thinking in different races. We’re all human (animals) and it’s all music.

Anyhow, indieclassical is a global movement of artists with some kind of a background in classical music but actively seek to join that together with other musical, artistic and even entrepreneurial influences in their lives. Indieclassical is the periphery of classical music, always looking for new ways of composing, performing and experiencing music.

For me, indieclassical artists are the artistic pioneers of today. They do not accept borders and limitations formed by century-old etiquette or habits. They seek to create an experience for themselves, their peers and their audience. And they will do this anywhere: in factories, pubs, clubs,living rooms, outside in the open, but also in regular concert venues.

What Beethoven, Stravinsky, Shostakovitch have been in the past, that is what indieclassical artists are today. Looking for innovation of their art whilst reflecting upon society.

So what is indieclassical?

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