Mr Van Walsh is a slightly deluded and erudite observer of the world around him. He thinks he’s a smart, well-dressed and aristocratic uomo universale. All he desires is a luxurious life filled with beauty and a stuffed zebra for his study. He seems a bit strange, but his taste in music is simply sublime, says he.

Half a life he dedicated to the secrets of the cello. The other half he uses to learn languages, conduct and play records so people dance at for example the Classical Music Rave of which he is the creative producer. He dislikes the inside of boxes and limitations. An advocate of the indieclassical movement, he finds his core in classical music but ignores the borders between genres, seeking unforgettable experiences together with the audience. 

Performances that Mr Van Walsh likes to brag about took place in the Red Bull Station of Sao Paulo, Rc4 Festival in Rio de Janeiro, Havana Classical Rave in Cuba, Classical Music Rave at Tallinn Music Week, Flux Electro Pulse of Radio Beirut, Manager of the Year in Brussels and Supperclub Amsterdam. He is also rather proud to have been selected for the Club Showcase of the international music conference Classical:NEXT in Rotterdam.


Mr Van Walsh is the artistic alter ego of Brendan Jan Walsh, a British born, Belgian bred European living in the Netherlands and working across the globe as strategic consultant, speaker and cultural entrepreneur. But that’s beside the point. How are your ears today?