Who let the dogs out?

Lucas Dols and Brendan Jan Walsh Man's very best friend

Yesterday in Paradiso Amsterdam, the brilliant musician, educator and friend Lucas Dols hosted a charity concert for Sounds of Change. This foundation trains aid workers and teachers to integrate music as an empowering tool in their work with children in (post) conflict areas.

I met Lucas whilst preparing for my first ‘Syrious Mission’ to the Middle East to give music workshops refugee children and teach local young creative professionals who in turn could give workshops to the kids themselves.

Those children grow up away from their homes, have nightmares of the horrors they saw, fight to survive in their interrupted youth. But somehow, they continue to play, laugh, learn and share. I experienced first- hand that music brings hope, opportunities, connection and empowerment into their lives.

It’s a small effort to help a friend. If we all help our friends, the world will become more beautiful one small gesture at a time.

Lucas, you’re a hero! Keep up the good work.

Will you help Lucas too? 

Here’s a short video portrait of the work Lucas and I did as part of Syrious Mission.

Children's Testimony in Time of War from Urok Shirhan on Vimeo.